Kern County, CA Property for Sale

We bought this 20 acre parcel in the Twin Oaks area of Kern County, CA in 2005.  For the last 14 years we have spent many weekends, and several longer stays, camping out here, hauling the horses out and back, hiking, mountain biking, day trips to the Kern River, Lake Isabella and Tehachapi, and have had a lot of fun.  This isn’t far from the PCT either.  We thought we might build a second home out here eventually.  But, as the years have worn on, we inherited another property closer to home and we realized we just don’t want a second home to maintain or feel compelled to come visit instead of doing the travelling we have decided we’d rather do now to other places in our middle age and on into retirement.

So, we have decided it’s time to let it go and move on to other things.  There are no real improvements to the parcel other than some sturdy welded steel pipe corrals, and a primitive camp site.

There is a combination of hilly and flat-ish areas on the site and several good locations for building a home.  The view from the top of the site is something like a 270 degree, unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains looking up into parts of the Sequoia National Forest.  I have larger resolution photos, a parcel map, and other information I could send you.

It’s about a 10 minute drive to the Twin Oaks General Store,  a 35 minute drive to Highway 58 at Caliente, or the other direction to Lake Isabella it’s not quite an hour drive.  So, somewhat isolated but soooooooooooo many stars at night and so QUIET.  That said, many surrounding properties have water wells so no reason to believe there won’t be good water available, and the nearest electric power pole is that the junction of Quail Ridge Drive and Big Springs Rd.

You can just Google Map “Quails Springs Drive, Caliente, CA”  to find it there.  The APN is 442-320-01-00-8 in Kern County

Asking price: $80,000. We would prefer cash but are open to discussing owner financing.  E-mail Bryce at [email protected]