My goal as an architect is to help you explore, refine, reach, and ultimately exceed your expectations for your building project. Your objectives may be personal, aesthetic, economic, pragmatic, and even spiritual. You might be seeking a balance of all of these. Whatever your aspirations, it is my job to help you realize them.

Fortunately, architectural expertise no longer need be restricted to large-scale projects and affluent clients. Today’s inexpensive technology has made sophisticated computer aided 3D design accessible at a reasonable price for projects of any size. Photo-realistic renderings and virtual reality walkthroughs and flyovers that make it easy to visualize forms and spaces are just a few mouse clicks away.

In addition to being a licensed architect since 2002, I have been a licensed building contractor since 1990 and have worked in the construction field both full and part time through college since 1983.

Because I know how things are built, I can help you balance your dream with your budget. For many years, I have worked successfully with planning and building departments from Humboldt County to Los Angeles County.