Real Estate Walk Through

With the increasing proportion of land value in relation to property improvements (existing structures, etc.) many clients shop for already developed properties with the main intention of adding onto, remodeling, and/or even tearing down any existing structures on a site to suit their own objectives. But placing an offer without knowing some basic facts as to the potential for development of a specific property can be risky.

I offer a fixed price two-hour onsite walk-through of any property in which you might be interested located within a 1-hour drive of my office. Any projects further away may incur more travel expense. This is a completely verbal appraisal/evaluation and question/answer opportunity for you to “pick the brain” of a licensed architect and licensed building contractor in relation to your potential property and/or project. With a few days advance notice, I may also be able to provide you with some basic zoning and property research included in the Feasibility Analysis but this would still all be on a verbal basis.

The cost for this service is currently $200, payable at the time of the service.